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People’s Daily Online: the First Intelligent Zebra Crossing of Nan’an District Appears on Nanbin Road

ULIT 2021-12-08 13:47


People’s Daily Online Chongqing reported on Oct. 29. Recently, when you pass the Changjiahui intersection on Nanbin Road in Nan’an District you will see a luminous zebra crossing with red light flashing on both sides of it, reminding passing vehicles and pedestrians. The intelligent zebra crossing is one of the ten projects of Nanbin road city renewal quality improvement seven optimization, which will use “wisdom”to remind the passing vehicles, citizens and tourists passing the crossing civilly. 

It can be seen from the scene that this zebra crossing is more spacious than before and also more humanized. Not only are there traffic lights on the roadside, but also corresponding light warning signs are set up on the road surface, along the road and the isolation belt in the middle of the road.   


According to information, this intelligent zebra crossing adopts  “intelligent sensing of IoT (the Internet of Things)” technology, concentrates pedestrian flow monitoring and flashing lights in one, reminds both the vehicles and pedestrians to pay attention to traffic safety. The role of light spikes is mainly suitable for the night, heavy fog, rain and other poor sight of the environment. Through emitting light, it reminds the coming vehicles from both sides that pedestrians are passing the intersection.   

At night, when the light spikes light up the visual distance is more than 300 meters and more time can be given to drivers to react. After the pedestrians have all past the zebra crossing, the light spikes will turn off automatically. The intelligent zebra crossing renovation project is one of the ten projects of Nanbin road city renewal quality improvement seven optimization, including renovating safety island, adding ground light spikes, luminous warning area and pedestrian flow monitoring. They will further optimize the location of the pedestrian crossing. In addition to ensuring the safety of pedestrians crossing the street, they can also maximize the level of warning for drivers and pedestrians, allowing pedestrians to be more clear about the right of way and the time of passage.