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Do the Road Traffic Signs of Your City Emit Light Actively?

攸亮科技 2021-12-08 13:34

On the way out, we cannot leave the guidance of traffic signs. Traditional traffic signs are also called retroreflection traffic signs, adopting sticking reflective membrane on aluminium plates. At night or in poor light environment, they can only emit light passively relying on the illuminating of car high beam. 

LED active light-emitting road traffic signs are being used in traffic security programs more and more widely, because of the more advantageous performance and quality than the traditional traffic signs in special traffic environment and severe weather. 

The publishing of industrial standard Internal Lighting Signs (JT/T750), national standard LED Active Light-emitting Road Traffic Signs (GB/T31446) and industrial standard Guidelines for Setting of Active Light-emitting Road Traffic Signs on Urban Roads(GA/T 1548—2019) provides standardized and unified technology and implementation standards for their rational use. 

YouLiang Technology timely launched LED active light-emitting road traffic signs, which can meet all-weather information recognition needs of various road users with advantages of high brightness, long lifespan and low power consumption. Compared with traditional traffic signs, they can improve the visual distance and provide more sufficient operation time for drivers. LED active light-emitting road traffic signs can solve the hidden danger caused by drivers’ unclear vision and play a warning role in severe weather conditions such as rain, fog and haze.  




LED active light-emitting road traffic signs of YouLiang Technology adopt high-efficiency LED light source plates, form penetrable light through reverse reflection material and display high-definition sign information, applying to prohibition signs, mandatory signs and warning signs.

The base-plate, text strokes and graph outlines of the light-emitting signs all have penetrable light and conform to the relevant provisions of GB5768 and GB/T31446. They are suitable for road scenes of low visibility and poor visual cognition to ensure safety and warn others. They can reduce traffic accidents effectively.

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LED active light-emitting traffic signs of YouLiang Technology overcome relying on vehicles of traditional reflective traffic signs, solve problems of unclear visual recognition and too short visual recognition distance in low visibility environment such as rain and fog and at night, so that drivers can access to road traffic signs information contents all time and naturally.  

At present, LED active light-emitting road traffic signs of YouLiang Technology have been widely used in Chongqing.